About Us

Who we are:

There is no question that a lot of experienced and skilled general contractors out there can successfully deliver your project. So then, one may ask: Why Olympic Projects?

Because we are:

Smart – our personnel are brimming with talent: degrees in engineering, architecture, building technology, masters in business administration. Giving professional advice is second nature to us, and it’s free!

Friendly – our approach is very personal, nowhere the cut-and dry approach you would get from bigger companies. No layers to peel, no extensions to dial. If we are currently not available, we will call you back within the hour, guaranteed.

Resourceful – over the past 25 years, we have formed an alliance of loyal and qualified employees and subcontractors who are prepared to take the extra step with us, whether it’s working shifts to meet deadlines, sifting through viable options, or identifying cost-saving measures. Our good reputation has given us enough leverage to call the shots.

Creative – we have made things happen when they seemed impossible. In the process, we have saved clients time, money, and stress. We are good listeners and researchers. We are not afraid to venture out, and learn – from heritage restoration to re-piping to underground storage tank replacement.

Green-Thinking, Thinking Green

Olympic projects- Green buildingLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

We have adequate knowledge to implement green building measures; our staff includes LEED Accredited Professionals – two with certification in Commercial Interiors, one with certification in New Construction and Major Renovations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality construction at the best possible value.

We are guided by the following core principles:

Integrity and Trust
– we have built long-lasting relationships with clients, subcontractors, and employees who appreciate our honesty, loyalty, and consistency.

Innovation and Creativity – we keep updated with the industry through organization affiliations, continuing education, and 360-degree feedback.

Safety – we do not take shortcuts when it comes to the well-being of everyone involved in our workplace and jobsites.

Our Memberships

Olympic Projects member of National Home Warranty, ComplyWorks, BC building envelope council, Homeowner protection Officecontractor check - Olympic Projects