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Bank of montreal renovation

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal Building Envelope Renewal – 3290 Grandview Hwy.

Work consisted of the replacement of the roofing system, replacement of existing stone cladding with aluminum metal panels, repair of EIFS wall and stucco cladding deficiencies and application of elastomeric coating and sealants.

vancouver police museum - Exterior envelope upgrade

Vancouver Police Museum

Exterior envelope upgrade of a storied heritage building currently operating as a popular museum

Work consisted of exterior envelope upgrade of the building during the winter season, including removal of the existing roof surfaces and equipment and replacement with a new roof surface and all flashings/gutters/scuppers/vents, bracing of the Cordova Street parapet and provision of a ventilated wood frame back enclosure, restoration and cleaning of the front facade masonry, rehabilitation of wood, steel frame and pressed sheet metal windows on all four elevations, sill rehabilitation of the entry arched window, and exterior painting of windows and metal work

Vancouver City Hall

Replaced over 1,000 window sash with new sealed double glazed units throughout the building

Work consisted of construction and installation of 1,000 new wood sash fit with new sealed double glazed units. Crew was trained to perform lead abatement without any safety-related incidents. Located a non-profit organization who used more than sixty percent of the sash in their construction projects thus avoiding the landfill. Devised a method to refurbish 75-year old hardware without using any harmful chemicals and re-used all existing hardware close to original finish.

Kanaka Creek Elementary School, Maple Ridge

Phased targeted building envelope repairs in a fully operational elementary school

Work consisted of the removal of the face sealed stucco and EIFS cladding at selected wall and soffit areas and the installation of new stucco cladding onto a drained and vented rain screen cavity, installation of insulation and a vapour barrier at interior walls, re-glazing with new sealed insulating glazing units on all windows, replacement of door weather stripping, replacement of skylights, installation of cement board to protect existing exposed foundation waterproofing